Business Video: Selecting a Video Production Company PART 3: Presentation Recording Options

At Part 2 of this series on Business Video Productionwe spoke about planning to list a demonstration and the significance of pre-planning, plus lots of the factors you will run across and will need to address. Part 3 normally takes this a step farther by describing several of the choices and choices you have for record more than just the speaker at the presentation such like; both the PowerPoint, interviews and shots of this event.

These are choices you’ll want to talk and decide on along with your video manufacturing business when planning a demonstration listing.

Very often a speaker has a PowerPoint (PPT) or very similar graphics on-screen to reinforce what they are stating. With this, often exactly what the presenter is saying would be an unfinished story. The speaker could state something like”it is evident in that slip, etc..” and unless it’s possible to see the slide, so it won’t create sense. Bottom line, you probably will want to incorporate the PPT either having a live recording or in modifying video editing.

Editing Options

Most video generation companies take care of this by during succeeding editing including the PPT slides. This requires exporting the slides and images in PPT. Depending on the version of PPT you have, it may be as simple as applying”save ” and picking out one of the image options. It is possible to export individual images or even the entire presentation. This performs very well for slides which do not have a lot of alterations or assembles and specially well should they’re static over the monitor for prolonged intervals. It is also helpful in case the presentation is easy to match voice into slips. You will have to sync what exactly is being thought to the slides. A very simple means to achieve so is during the demonstration, have your audio production company make use of a digicam recording the sound, pointing out at the monitor and used as a direct during editing.

Although effective for several presentations that the edit will not capture PPT transitions, either builds or anything else occurring survive the monitor. Additionally, if there is internet connectivity happening during the presentation, it is going to likely be nearly impossible to duplicate. Maintaining editing sophistication a step farther, rather than copying slides, Camtasia or a very similar screen capture application could be used in following enhancing to catch a PPT presentation played back and synced to some voice/presentation captured with your screen camera manually. This isn’t ideal because it is a great deal of labour and expenditure to both personalize but doesn’t address grabbing some of what went on screen.

Because of those limits, we actually don’t suggest either of the options unless of course the demonstration is very simple.

Our recommendation is to catch the PPT stay by with the AV company staging case give us a feed of this VGA moving into the projector(therefore ). We have devices that converts this feed into video with sound and captures a high res copy of everything going around the monitor containing emphasis given from the speaker together with his cursor plus any video clip or internet connectivity exhibited. In modifying you can join the images or show every single individually. Now you will want to consider this being a substitute and discuss it with your own video manufacturing business and that the AV men and women prior to the presentations due to structures for equipment and testing is required. Ofcourse this can still call for mixing the speaker and the demonstrations after in enhancing. We provide the last product of this process often as demonstrations on the internet and since DVD packages.

Live Recording and Streaming

This really is really where the speaker and the PPT are fed into your”video mixer” these as for instance the Tricaster we now have and united because it does occur . This opens the doorway to have the presentation streamed stay on-line into some bigger crowd than will wait the event, both free or as a generator of income and gives you a finished backup which with constrained succeeding editing could be available for viewing on the net or to get additional supply. This may consist of a number of cameras, further pictures and whatever else you need to include as a inputsignal. In the event you’re planning on streaming, you’re want to protected high speed online connectivity out of this venue. If this can be your selection, complex analyzing and planning is needed usually atleast per day prior to the occasion. Additionally if graphics are to be included, they have to be prepared ahead of the event.

So far we’ve talked about aspects of the presentation record. However, if you’d like to increase the ROI on having a video clip team at the series, there are other matters that may be done.

Video of this Venue

If you wish to add more pizzazz to what is developed, then you are able to have your movie team shoot at shots of signage, audienceand also the venue itself along with whatever else going which can be added to your video. You’ll need to cover this by having your video production company because it may call for extra time, products and team.


In the event you prefer to get more utility out of the day like footage to become contained in promotion purposes and also creation of a marketing video to the presenter or your organization, either an interview field could be installed along with your video crew might”ramble” to find favorable reaction interviews from the crowd. You

ll have to cover this with your video production company because it could require extra time, products and team.

Focus Groups

Whenever there are many folks sitting around a desk, at a panel table or in the audience you’ll desire to become sure that the person talking is recorded clearly. Often people disrupt one another and go back and forth into dialogue speedily. That really is extremely difficult with all the standard audio microphones and sound recorders often used because it requires a operator that needs to be quick enough to correct up the level to your person speaking’s mic and place the sound degree down for everyone else. If all of microphone stations are abandoned with all the degrees it up introduces a great deal of sound. 1 solution found is to get table-top omnidirectional mics in the center of the table that when folks interrupt each other, they can be heard. However this contributes to sound from many sides of the desk instead of merely recording anyone speaking. The solution we have found most effective is to utilize inline shredder microphones and an”computerized sound mixer”. When your moderator walks stands or around in front of this bunch, a wireless microphone on that man has been used in addition. An”automated audio mixer”, as its name means mechanically opens the mic channel for the individual talking and enhances one additional channels for its additional pellets. This is inclined to report very clear sound. A automatic mixer with several directional mics can be the option you may pursue in the event that you are planning such a celebration. It is an option we urge when requested to document this kind semester.

Regularly for such a celebration we also list directly to your DVD Recorder so the participants have a listing to review immediately. A DVD recorder generates DVDs that can be played on any DVD Player. Again here really is an option you may discuss in the event that you’re planning for a live function.


Video is of course more inclusive than just photography. However if you own a demand for printing tools, then it is almost always best to employ a photographer. Many video production businesses do this as part of the arrangements and services need to get manufactured.

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